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Medical Gowns for Sale

Medical Gowns for Sale

Medical gowns are protective gear worn by medical personnel in a health care setting.

They prevent the wearer from contracting and spreading infections from touch or contact with infectious material. The gowns also help in preventing the transfer of germs to patients.

Medical gowns come in a wide variety depending on their use. There are surgical, non-surgical, isolation, operating room, and procedural gowns.

The US medical gown market size is vast; the value was $644 in 2019. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant influence on the market.

This article is a guide to where you can find medical gowns. Always keep in mind the intended use of the gown as you source out for it. You can check the FDA website for the standards required.

Whether you are a clinic owner, hospital manager, or entrepreneur interested in medical gowns, discussed below are places, you can find medical gowns for sale.

Where to find Medical Gowns for Sale

In the US, medical gown manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers are countless. The healthcare industry is very vast, and therefore the need for a constant supply of medical gowns has increased their numbers.

Below are a few places you can find medical gowns for sale depending on your needs.

Henry Schein Medical

Henry Schein Medical is a one-stop-shop for licensed medical personnel to source for medical gowns. They are lead distributors of medical gowns in the US, and you can purchase their products through their website.

They are very strict and do not distribute their products to non-medical personnel. Quality assurance is expected with such a standard.

The company also distributes medical gowns wholesale across the US. It has a presence in 32 countries and a considerable market size in North America and Europe. The ordering process is easy, and answers to most questions you might have are in the FAQ sections.


These are suppliers for healthcare textiles for healthcare personnel and patients. Here you can find all types of medical gowns for sale.

You make orders through their website, and they have an excellent background. Shipping is quick and reliable and has a presence in over 90 countries.

They have a large capacity and can supply huge orders promptly. For a hospital looking for a supplier for medical gowns, Medline comes highly recommended.


McKesson is another distributor of medical gowns for sale, among other medical supplies. They have a good network that allows for distributions to be made to you. You can also make orders on behalf of patients who might need the medical gowns outside the hospital, and deliveries will be made.

The company caters to the needs of people who are nursing patients outside a hospital. They accept payments through PayPal, credit and debit cards.

Mr. Disposable

For those searching for disposable medical gown suppliers, Mr. Disposable Inc. offers a perfect solution. It only sells disposable gowns suitable for hospitals and nursing homes. They also customize their products as per your size requirements.

The company has a reputation for selling cheap disposable medical gowns.

Direct Textile Store

The company is based in Tampa, Florida, and has been operational for more than 75 years. It is reputed for the sale and supply of quality medical gowns in bulk.

They are also disposable medical gown suppliers across the United States. Direct Textile Store offers their products at affordable prices and discounts.

They have multiple distribution centers, and your shipment reaches a distribution center within your locality at no extra cost. Orders are made through their website, where you can also track and receive your bills.

USA Medical and Surgical Supplies

It is an online surgical medical store based in Missouri. They are very keen on standards and offer high-quality medical gowns as per the AAMI standards. Their surgical gown brand is Halyard Health, which meets the laid down standards.

Their ship has relatively affordable prices aside from having a wide range of selections. Shipments are free for large orders across the US.

Personal Touch Apparel

It is an online shop where you can find an array of medical gowns for sale. You will find both wholesale and retail gowns for isolation, surgery, patient care, and exam at the shop. The products are shipped through FedEx and TNT.

Other Places Where You Can Find Medical Gowns for Sale

Retail online shops are excellent places to look for medical gowns. They offer smaller packaging making it easier to buy the exact quantity you want. You can also choose a particular brand, and deliveries are made at your doorstep.


When looking for a few medical gowns, eBay offers an excellent place to find cheap disposable medical gowns. You get to choose the specific number you need, bulk or otherwise. Shipments are fast and made right where you want.


Amazon has the cheapest disposable medical gowns. It has a wide range of gowns in addition to a variety of packaging. You may find a pack of 100 disposable isolation gowns retailing for $105.


Walmart is among the best places to shop for cheap disposable medical gowns. Here you get to choose according to your need with prices as low as $9 apiece. You also get to select the specific brand you need. A simple online search for disposable medical gowns near me or simply medical gowns near me will probably direct you to Walmart and other retailers in your area.


In healthcare, finding the correct standard of medical gowns is essential. The use of disposable medical gowns is recommended as a safer choice for healthcare workers and doctors. In a study conducted in 2012, laundered hospital gowns carry more bacteria than new ones. It makes using disposable gowns a better choice, besides their lower prices compared to reusable medical gowns.

To find disposable medical gowns for sale and other medical suppliers, online research and seeking referrals from personnel in the medical field are good places to start. There are many other reputable manufacturers and suppliers of medical gowns in bulk and retail. This article has featured a few of them to point you in the right direction in your search.

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