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Face Masks

Wearing masks has become our new normal, and we can appreciate the level of creativity that comes with the new masks in the market. Arguably,

Protective Gowns

Exposure to biological fluids poses a very real danger to our health workers. As we continue putting up a brave fight against the Corona virus

KN95 Masks: Everything You Need to Know

Wearing a mask prevents the spread of diseases, especially airborne diseases. When someone talks, coughs, or laughs, they might release germs that can be transmitted

Personal Protective Equipment: Masks

PPE: Understanding Different Types of Masks Explained Unless you’re a medical professional, you probably didn’t think too much about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and face

3-Ply Masks

3-Ply Masks: A Brief Overview While some areas of the world have been wearing masks in public to prevent the transmission of disease for years,

Medical Gowns for Sale

Medical Gowns for Sale Medical gowns are protective gear worn by medical personnel in a health care setting. They prevent the wearer from contracting and


Adult Face Masks

For the last year, to help slow the spread of COVID-19, healthcare experts have been cautioning us to wear a mask whenever we leave the